This website is built according to the principle of accessibility web design, the main content of the website is divided into three blocks:
1. The top function block, 2. The left navigation block, 3. Central content block.

The shortcut keys (Accesskey) of this website are as follows:
Alt+U:Upper block, containing the links to the services of this site.
Alt+L:Left block, containing the links to the recommended package tickets.
Alt+C:Center block, providing the principal information of the page.

※ When the item tab of this website can not be clicked by mouse, you can use the following keyboard operation mode to browse data ← → or ↑ ↓: Press left / right or up / down key to move the label order. Home or End →: You can jump directly to the first or last item of the label. Tab: You can use the Tab key to jump to the content after browsing the data. If you encounter the radio button, please use ← → or ↑ ↓ key to move the item order. Tab + Shift: Press Tab + Shift to jump back to the previous data. You can continue to move the label sequence with ← → or ↑ ↓ keys when jumping back to the tab item.